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Soundr have collaborated with Decentraland, the blockchain-based virtual social world,  to present 9 incredible artists on their main Evolution stage on the upcoming music festival from October 21 to 24. 

The four-day music and cultural event, features 80+ artists across five stages, including Deadmau5, 3Lau, RAC, Paris Hilton and Nina Nesbitt. 

Soundr were instrumental in bringing some incredible talent to the festival including Nina Nesbitt, Louis III, Conor Byrne, Benji Patterson, Amber Van Day, Cody Frost, The Luna Tapes, Berry Galazka and Miya Miya.

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Skullz NFT Drop

Soundr have collaborated with Detroit based blockchain producer FACINGS to give potential fans and collectors their first glimpse of Skullz through an NFT drop on 8th July 2021 on the eco-friendly WAX blockchain. The drop will show the development of the group through exclusive concept art where some of the rarer pieces will allow a limited number of people access to the official launch party and secret shows. Passionate about recalibrating the heavy price tag currently placed on NFT’s, Soundr will be offering their collection from $5. Skullz, whose members are Orkid (guitar), Sneeka (drums) and Hyde (vocals) have just secured their first metaverse show which will be announced by Soundr, next month.

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