Soundr is a metaverse music label creating virtual interactive artists who will exclusively exist as avatars in the virtual worlds for a community who love music and gaming.

Blending AI, blockchain, and audio technology, Soundr enables players to buy NFT digital merchandise, wearables, limited edition items with unique experiences and future value attached to them as well as investing in our virtual artists future tokens. 


It is 2023, Soundr is the name on the lips of talent, agents, fans, brands, and labels. Its virtual bands and acts headline events in multiple virtual worlds every month. Their music and videos top the charts on Spotify, Apple, YouTube and others, driven by huge virtual world communities. The fans rave about how they interact with their idols in unique ways: on stage, at events and in chance encounters. All around them, virtual world spaces are bought to life with characters that show engaging and entertaining AI. 

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